Rebel City Group is the powerhouse partnership between event marketing veterans, Tracy Hueth and Lisa Oler. Each partner brings to the table a unique set of complimentary business and personal skills that enhance the client experience. They’ve been told they go together like “peas & carrots” – a tried and true partnership. What does that mean to you and your clients? With backgrounds in sales, marketing, design, advertising, client development and tech operation, RCG is ideally suited to provide solutions that entertain guests, increase client interaction, and help drive brand engagement. Oh yeah, and it’s gonna be a BLAST!

Lisa, the “peas” in the duo, is an eternal optimist who believes in dreaming big, but “keeping it real.” She lives the work hard/play hard motto. With over 15 years working with ad agencies crafting media and marketing campaigns, helping brands manifest their potential to meet objectives is her passion. She believes that great marketing can change the world. Her acute awareness of how words impact our world is greatly influenced by her two children. She believes providing interactive, playful and delicious experiences to help clients connect with their audience harnesses the best part of humanity: a willingness to play, which is cherished by the wisest of people.

Tracy brings her “carrots” from the IT world where she amassed over 20 years of experience including serving as Consulting Management, Development Liaison and Director of Support. When she decided to venture out of the IT space and into a more creative endeavor, she knew the blending of two worlds could be a huge success. With well-laid IT underpinnings established, she started her business in 2006 printing images on chocolate for parties, and business promotion. This sweet idea ignited further business development, which has experienced significant growth over the years. Being past-President of ISES and Co-Chair for the Special Event Design Gallery shows her commitment to fun-filled success.